Lately, I’ve been craving a uniform. Mostly because figuring out what to wear every morning has gotten slightly out of control. I’ve tried to put outfits together the night before and yenno, it’s just not for me. So I thought a uniform would work. I don’t mean wearing the exact same thing every day (shout out to middle school!) but a variation of the same pieces. My “go-to outfit” so to speak. For those days (er, every workday morning) when I can’t get my shit together.

So how does a uniform come about? I figure you take pieces that make you feel really good and that you believe look really good on you and put ‘em together. Can’t be hard, right? It’s all still a work in progress for me. So far this is what I’ve come up with.

The first piece: a cropped, tapered trouser/pant. Whether its a skinny jean, or linen trousers… high rise and cropped seems to be the most flattering for my shape. Easy-peasy.


Tops are on the easier side. Long tees, tunics and dresses (yes, dresses!). I’m a tall broad at 5’11” – which means that in order to get tops that are long enough for me I need to dig. I’m finally understanding this. You know how when you see that things work a certain way for most people you expect them to work that way for you, too? It’s a hard realization when you finally admit it doesn’t work that way. My body type is not common. So I can’t think and shop like a commoner (no offense commoners of the world!). Looking back I’ve always found solutions in working with what I had. Using dresses as tops has been happening on my body since 1996. It’s how I roll. Flowier mini dresses are usually where I land. They look like big tees but are fitted in such a way that it doesn’t look like you’re wearing grandma’s dress. Win, win. This is where I like to inject some fun and go with fast fashion. Cheapo finds from Goodwill, Target and even Forever21 will do! Another reason long tops are my jam? The half-tuck. I’m a BIG fan of the half-tuck. I’d be surprised if someone followed me for a month and didn’t find that I half-tuck every single day. #halftuck4ever


You know what ruins half-tucks more than anything? A not-long-enough top. Your half-tuck should overflow a bit and not be holding on to the inside of your pants for dear life.

– Strong shouldered moto jackets that hit just between my waist and my hip.
– Khaki and Olive utility jackets that hit mid-thigh, the wider the sleeve the better.
Tailored coats that hit between the mid-thigh and just above the knee.


I think all of those options can carry me through any season LA feels in the mood to provide. Coincidentally, the three outfits I used previously for cropped pant examples happen to use these three outerwear examples too! Totally accidental, I’m awesome but not that awesome. When it works, it works yo!

So there you have it, my uniform. I’m wearing it today. Took a pair of scissors to a new pair of Asos skinnies and cropped those suckers real good. Yah, real good. What about shoes, you say? Well, I love shoes too much to limit myself there. As for other accessories, my work handbag never changes. I have specific jewelry depending on the mood of my outfit but you can bet it’ll make a statement.

Now, what the hell am I supposed to do with my hair?


Gangsters don’t dance, we boogie.

Update: I’ve made modifications to my eating habits and am using NTC as a proper warmup for running. 15 minutes of almost any workout from the app and I can last a lot longer on the treadmill. Small victories, y’all!

So it’s only February and I’m trying to party outside? Well, I do live in Southern California. Today’s high was a sunny 84°. Nights are still colder than I’d prefer but beggars can most certainly not be choosers. So I’m thinking ahead. Last year we made the tiniest of progress on our yard. I’d like to use some vacant weekends coming up to remedy that situation.

I finally bought a miter saw and will be soon adding a Kreg Jig into my small, but growing, arsenal of power tools and accessories. One thing I know for sure? I have zero brand loyalty when it comes to things you plug in. Just give me a good deal and have good reviews.

Okay, so here’s the closest inspiration picture I could find for what I see in my head:


I had a hard time finding styled photos of wooden outdoor sofa/sectionals on wooden decks. I started to worry that it was because it just didn’t look good. Until I found this shot. The basics are what I’m after here: Aged wood deck + warm wood furniture + gray cushions. Maybe a little less planty? I do want some unusual plants here and there to add interest but the plant situation in this picture is a bit much, in my humble opinion.

Here’s where I am in terms of possible color schemes:

I’m struggling with what I’d like the accent color to be. I do know I’d like to either have one big piece in this color or a few small accessories. I’ll keep mulling that over until we get to the decorating & accessorizing part of this project (I cannot wait!).

Okay so here’s how I plan on making this happen. Plan being the operative word.

Phase 1: Finish planting groundcover and decide on how to reset stone pavers (three-day weekend!).

Phase 2: Buy lumber & weatherproofing stain for furniture building.

Phase 3: Find an amazing deal on outdoor cushions or get to sewing some ala DIY.

Phase 4: Develop a storage solution to prevent major cleanup before social gatherings.

Phase 5: Decorate!