Finally? I know, I know. After 10 years of friendship, which include 8 years of dating, 5 years of living together and 2 years of being engaged, we’re clearly in no rush for much of anything. So, we thought we’d go ahead and spend way too much money to party with our family and friendsContinue reading


He doesn’t know what a Gary Pepper Girl is. He’s not quite sure what part of the world she hails from. He couldn’t tell you what her name is if his life depended on it. But whenever Nicole Warne’s gorgeous face flashes across the screen on my laptop (while we’re laying in bed watching yetContinue reading


Currently growing out my eyebrows because I’ve had the same brow shape since I was 14. Thought I’d share some inspo shots. Can you tell where I’m going with this? Happy Monday!


Lately, I’ve been craving a uniform. Mostly because figuring out what to wear every morning has gotten slightly out of control. I’ve tried to put outfits together the night before and yenno, it’s just not for me. So I thought a uniform would work. I don’t mean wearing the exact same thing every day (shoutContinue reading


So that happened over the weekend. It wasn’t without lots of swearing, splinters and a lot of “wow, they don’t fit. unscrew it!” — but we got ‘er done. I’ll be back with a bigger update (including those two sexy chairs in the back) once she’s sanded, stained and pillowed up.


Update: I’ve made modifications to my eating habits and am using NTC as a proper warmup for running. 15 minutes of almost any workout from the app and I can last a lot longer on the treadmill. Small victories, y’all! So it’s only February and I’m trying to party outside? Well, I do live inContinue reading


Update: My fiancé and I spoke at length after my last post and while I won’t get into specifics… I will say that he’s amazing. We’re moving forward, we’re growing. I may be taking the growing part a little too literal. Over a year ago, I wrote about wanting to change my body. For good.Continue reading

That’s how I’m feeling.  I’m not sure if anyone still reads this, I’m too lazy to check stats. But if you happen upon this… can we talk? And by ‘we’ I mean ‘I.’ 2013 was eventful, for lack of a better word. I lost my mom. Got engaged. Turned thirty. All in one year. OneContinue reading


Taking a mental (and physical?) break from our little yard makeover. Plans are being made, things are getting purchased. Excitement. I’m also excited about Summer ending. Whaaaaaat? I know but it hasn’t been a great Summer for me and uh, Fall/Winter attire is probably my favorite. It took a long time to realize that. WhenContinue reading


So, something amazing happened when I was working on the last post. But first, let’s rewind. I used to be subscribed to Design Public’s newsletter and let me tell you, it was pure torture so I unsubscribed. Torture because I basically wanted everything and couldn’t afford it. One of my biggest wants from them isContinue reading