Oh, Christine! In case you’ve never seen my girl-crush board on Pinterest, let’s just say I think I’m in love with Christine Centenera. I may or may not want to have her children. Putting together an outfit post inspired by this very look as we speak! Ah!

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Projects and updates around the house have been slow-going lately. Our weekends have been completely booked for the most part with parties, weddings and the like. Don’t get me wrong, it has been a blast but my fingers are begging for a little DIY action. We’re headed to Seattle this weekend so it will haveContinue reading

This weekend got me thinking about how attracted I am to well-done bachelor pads. The style is so clean and typically dark and moody. If any of you saw Jason Statham’s version of The Mechanic this year… Bishop’s house is basically somewhere I’d love to live. The last two images are of Jennifer Aniston’s lastContinue reading


With the exception of lighting fixtures and a couple of the wall decor items or lackthereof (I need some family pictures), I could live here forever. via JHID