Oh, Christine! In case you’ve never seen my girl-crush board on Pinterest, let’s just say I think I’m in love with Christine Centenera. I may or may not want to have her children. Putting together an outfit post inspired by this very look as we speak! Ah!

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So there’s this pot rack the previous owner left behind. To be fair, she asked if I wanted to keep it. For some reason… I said yes. It’s not the prettiest looking thing in the world. It hangs on an angle most days. Plus, the haphazard installation has me in constant fear of having itContinue reading

[slogan]the archivist via pinterest[/slogan] I have to admit I have a soft spot for industrial spaces. Don’t think I could ever commit to it completely though, it would be a bit too cold for me. Lovely nonetheless. View more pretty interiors at The Archivist.