We’re hosting a Drunken Mario Kart Grand Prix party this Saturday. Which means… we’ve been sort of cleaning up the house to prepare for guests. I’ve mostly been getting around to doing all the things I had planned and made purchases for but never actually did. Like hanging up art and arranging spaces. Friday and Saturday morning should be interesting. We always joke about how we only throw parties to get the house clean.

We’ve also been trying to eat healthier without giving up tasty food. So there’s a lot of experimental recipes floating around. This particular meal was Garlic Ginger Pork with a salsa&raspberry sauce, plus mashed taters and garlic&ginger baby carrots. Baby steps, people.

Speaking of baby carrots, did you know that the “baby carrots” we’re all used to seeing in the grocery store are actually mature regular-size carrots that have been widdled down to that size? I feel totally used.