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I’m now the very (very) happy owner of a Silhouette Cameo! Can I tell you how much of a sexy beast it is? No? Well, it is. Got my order of self-adhesive vinyl in today and got to work! I’ve spent the past few weeks reorganizing our kitchen, trying to figure out what’s not working and why everything always ends up on the island. Yenno, besides the fact that we’re allergic to putting things away. So there’s a bunch of new containers living among us now. I wanted to get my Martha on and label them, but those labelers she uses just don’t do it for me. This definitely wasn’t an easier method, but a prettier one I think. The label was actually supposed to say ‘Maple Syrup’ but there was a little mishap when I went all X-acto knife crazy towards the end there. Syrup on it’s own works though, at least you still know what’s going on in the bottle. So excited to eat pancakes and waffles alluvasudden!

A round of applause for Yong who made this little lady a very happy camper with this gift. <3

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  • jealous! the silhouette’s been on my “want” list for awhile now.

    • dude, get it. like now. yesterday!

  • Gin

    that font is soo pretty! And the bottle alone is a beaut! Awesomeawesomeawesome.

  • its called beppo and i’m pretty obsessed with it. <3

  • oh my gawd, this is so awesome. how exactly does this thing work? it makes the font cutout marks for you or did you actually have to go in and make the shapes with the x-acto knife? And this font ..droooool!!!!!

    • it cuts out the shapes for you. the knife is just to lift them up off the paper. i have to buy transfer paper to make the process easier cuz my hands aren’t as steady as they used to be. =\