The last time you saw our living room it looked a little like this: I needed to get rid of that peachy color as fast as possible and I really liked the idea of an accent wall. I’ve never been scared of dark walls so I started there. Our last place had a couple blackContinue reading

A quick update on the living room floor (a million years later). When we finally removed all of the carpeting, it started to become more and more apparent why they had covered it up with all that carpeting, over which they threw over some beautiful Jaipur rugs. At some point, someone decided to paint theContinue reading

The first two things we did when we received our keys was A) lay on the floor and bask in the glory of it all and B) rip up a corner of the carpet in the living room. I had done some research and found that houses built in the 50s and 60s were almostContinue reading