Clean up on Aisle 4

A quick update on the living room floor (a million years later). When we finally removed all of the carpeting, it started to become more and more apparent why they had covered it up with all that carpeting, over which they threw over some beautiful Jaipur rugs. At some point, someone decided to paint the walls without protecting the floor.


paintThis particular spot is actually not the greatest offender it turns out, although at the time I thought it might be. At this point we were sure that refinishing the floors was inevitable. So the floors stayed this way for a while because, well do you know how much refinishing floors costs?! Spoiler: a lot.

So I figured there would be no harm in trying to get the paint off myself. Unfortunately, I did a bit of damage thinking scraping the paint would be the best option. I realized my mistake quickly and took a trip to Lowe’s. Luckily, GooGone Painter’s Clean Up Spray exists. I don’t think it’s meant to clean up messes this bad. More like a “just in case” solution. But we picked up 2 of these babies and got to work.



After I finished cleaning all the paint up. I used Rejuvenate’s Cleaner and Polish to bring the floor back to life. The picture above isn’t completely dried, but pretty close. After a few weeks, most of the shine is gone but the floor is not dull by any means.


Here’s a quick before & after of the floor before cleaning and restoring: