About 7 years ago, this blog was born. It’s purpose was to document our journey into eventual home-ownership. The House on the Hill was a sort of “rent to own” situation that never materialized. For many reasons, which I won’t really get into, that home was not meant to be for us. So after theContinue reading


He doesn’t know what a Gary Pepper Girl is. He’s not quite sure what part of the world she hails from. He couldn’t tell you what her name is if his life depended on it. But whenever Nicole Warne’s gorgeous face flashes across the screen on my laptop (while we’re laying in bed watching yetContinue reading

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Our backyard (and frontyard) is in a state of disarray. Remember this? 3 years ago? Yea, well it’s worse. Nothing is overgrown, its just dead now. Horribly dead. Those pictures actually make the yard look gorgeous looking back at them. We tell ourselves we don’t water in order to keep our bills low, but I’mContinue reading